Asher Levitas is an electronic musician based in London.

Over the last 10 years Asher's music has been released on labels including Planet Mu, Deep Medi, Line Explorations, Honest Jons, Houndstooth and The Tapeworm. His audio/visual live shows have toured internationally, playing at music festivals and art galleries alike, most notably at Barbican Centre, ICA, Musea Maga, LEV Festival, Sonic Acts, and Le Guess Who? His music has been supported by Mary Anne-Hobbs, Tom Ravenscroft, Late Junction and Giles Peterson, and has been covered by The Wire, Resident Advisor, The Quietus, Fact Mag, i-D and Vice.

Asher first made waves as part of the electronic collective Old Apparatus in 2010 and has since gone on to collaborate with Michael Crowe (Spaghetti Club), Paper Dollhouse, Knut Jonas Sellevold, Linn Carin Dirdal, Jim Abiss, ELDR and LTO. His latest release with Hannah Archambault, "Nous N'étions Jamais Vraiment Là" was released on Line Explorations in 2021.  

Asher's work explores imagined environments, trance and dream states, altered realities and hallucinatory phenomena.



Labels and Publishers:

Line Explorations, Planet Mu, Moondome, Denovali, Deep Medi, Left Blank, Sullen Tone, The Tapeworm,
Houndstooth, Apollo Records, Mute Publishing, n5Music (BMI), Multiverse


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Asher Levitas & Hannah Archambault ‘Nous N'étions Jamais Vraiment Là’ (Line Explorations) 2021

Asher Levitas ‘Final Quiet’ (Beyond The Valley) 2020

Asher Levitas ‘Beyond The Valley Pt. II - Four Passages’ (Too Fucked To Dance) 2019

LTO ‘Déjà Rêvé’ (Denovali) 2019 (Featured Artist)

Asher Levitas ‘Beyond The Valley Pt. I - Forest’s Gate’ (Too Fucked To Dance) 2019

Paper Dollhouse ‘The Sky Looks Different Here’(Moondome) 2018 (Producer)

Paper Dollhouse ‘All The Colours Align’ (Moondome) 2018 (Producer)

Asher Levitas ‘Lit Harness’ (Planet Mu) 2016

Soft as Snow ‘Halo Heart Remix’ (Houndstooth) 2014

Saa ‘Walking Waters EP’ (Overshare Records) 2014

Pye Corner Audio ‘Black Mist Remix’ (Front and Follow) 2014 (Old Apparatus Remix)

The Hidden Hands  ‘Hidden Remix’ (Hidden Hundred) 2013 (Old Apparatus Remix)

Old Apparatus ‘Epirtsder EP’ (Sullen Tone) 2013

Cloud Boat ‘Wanderlust Remix’ (Apollo Records) 2013 (Old Apparatus Remix)

Old Apparatus ‘Compendium’ (Sullen Tone) 2013 

Saa ‘Saa EP’ (Left Blank) 2013 

 Old Apparatus ‘Harem EP’ (Sullen Tone) 2012 

Old Apparatus ‘Alfur EP’ (Sullen Tone) 2012 

Old Apparatus ‘Realise EP’ (Sullen Tone) 2012

Old Apparatus ‘Derren EP’ (Sullen Tone) 2012

Old Apparatus ‘Old Apparatus meet Shangaan Electro’  (Honest Jons) 2012 

Old Apparatus ‘15:24 – 15:46’ (The Tapeworm) 2012 

Old Apparatus ‘Zebulon’ (Deep Medi) 2011

Old Apparatus ‘Old Apparatus EP’ (Deep Medi) 2011 

Mowgli ‘93’ (Dodeca Records) 2010 (Producer)